Benson Black Series Leather serie 6.22.CF

Benson Black Series Leather serie 6.22.CF

The Benson Black Series Leather watch winders belong to the newest generation of this Dutch brand. The collection contains models for winding 4, 6 and 8 automatic watches and is available with a black leather or carbon fiber leather exterior. The beautiful exterior has padded leather for an extra chic look. This Benson Black Series Leather 6.22.CF watch winder is suitable for winding 6 automatic watches and equipped with a black padded leather, touchscreen, LED lighting and flexible watch holders.

You can wind any automatic watch in this watch winder, regardless of brand or model. Because the TPD (turns per day) and the direction of rotation can be set per watch, you are completely flexible. The Benson Black Series Leather 6.22.CF watch winder comes with a 2-year warranty, certificate, adapter and manual.


Suitable for: 6 watches
Motor type: Japanese
Colour: Carbon
Power supply: Adapter (line current)
Material: Wood
Interiour colour: Black
Adjustable Turns Per Day: Yes
LCD display: Yes
Overwind protection: Yes
Noiseless: Yes
Energy efficient: Yes
LED lighting: Yes
Dimensions: 29 x 35 x 18 cm
Weight: 4200 gram

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