Winding technology for automatic watches

As a watch enthusiast you want the best for your automatic watches. This means that a watch winder is the must-have accessory for your automatic watches. A watch winder provides an automatic watch of energy, prevents wear, ensures optimum oil circulation and offers perfect storage for your automatic watches.

Benson Watchwinders is a leading brand in the field of watch winders and watch cases. Our technique, quality and finish are of the highest level, with optimum functionality. This means that we optimally focus on design, materials, technical innovations and finish which leads to high quality products. The words quality, innovation and craftsmanship do stand for our watchwinders.

Our Benson watch winders are suitable for providing any automatic watch, regardless of brand or model, with energy in a completely safe way so that the automatic watches no longer come to a standstill. Your watch is ready to wear immediately.

By ultimate ease of use and a luxurious look our Benson watch winders are a perfect choice for your automatic watches.